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Joel S. Price, Ph.D.         |        Kerry Ann O'Rourke, R.N., MS


Joel S. Price, Ph.D.

Joel S. Price, Ph.D., is a specialist in natural health care methods who incorporates Cutting-Edge Nutritional Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and Applied Kinesiology (Autonomic Response Testing), creating a highly effective integration of Eastern and Western wellness modalities. Dr. Price utilizes the bodyís electro-magnetic fields to identify energy imbalances and determine effective solutions tailored to the nutritional and natural medicine needs of each  individual.

Autonomic Response testing is completely natural, painless and non-invasive. ART can be used on anyone, from newborn infants to the elderly, and even pets, to effectively identify organ imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies and a many other health problems. ART can also be used on healthy individuals with hidden allergies or energy imbalances that could cause illness in the future.

Dr. Price has expanded his practice to include 21st century light and sound therapies in his new office setting. Energy Medicine Center in Norwell, Massachusetts proudly offers the latest in nutritional science and natural vibrational healing techniques.
Energy Medicine Center offers cutting-edge applied nutrition therapies, food allergy testing natural supplement protocols, hair mineral analysis (TMA), color therapy, light and sound therapies, chakra and organ balancing, deep relaxation techniques, vibrational skin rejuvenation treatments, quantum color essences, crystal essences and healing strategies to meet each individual's needs for total balancing of body, mind and spirit.
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Cutting-edge NutritionalTherapies
= Applied Kinesiology = Constitutional Assessment 
Five Element Healing
= Natural Supplement Therapies = Light and Sound Therapies = Color Therapy

Kerry Ann OíRourke, R.N., MS

As a Registered Nurse for 15 years specializing in Pediatrics and Postpartum/Nursery, Kerry Ann OíRourke, R.N., MS, has joined Energy Medicine Center and is helping many clients achieve profound healing, greater peace, clarity, and sense of life purpose with her extraordinary gifts. Kerry O'Rourke has practiced Nursing in prestigious institutions across the country including Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University Medical Center - Tucson, Children's Hospital, Boston and Children's Hospital, San Diego. Along with her extensive experience as a registered nurse, Kerry has been involved in energy healing and honing her intuitive gifts for over 20 years.

Kerry bridges her Western Medical training and Natural Health training with her with her transformational energy work for body, mind and spirit healing.


Benefits of Psychic / Medical Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Counseling:

  • Increased essential vibration

  • Increased Energy

  • Increased Spiritual Awareness

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

  • Relaxation and renewal

  • Greater sense of inner peace

  • Auric Field Analysis

  • Gain Self confidence and Self esteem

  • Opening a clear channel to the Heavens

  • Obtain answers for love, career, family,
    and your lifeís purpose

  • Receive messages from deceased loved ones

  • Learn how to open and use your five senses to
    receive your own psychic messages

  • Reconnect with your own beauty - inside and out

  • Gain healthy control back into your life

  • Redirect negative thoughts and patterns into 
    positive affirming

  • Understanding Godís Timing


Need Spiritual Coaching or to learn how to receive your own psychic messages?
Need a different perspective?
Need answers for love, career, family, or your lifeís purpose?
Interested in receiving messages from deceased loved ones, angels and the Universe?

Come talk with a true clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Let Kerry Ann help in guiding you about your past, present and future.


Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings
=  Spiritual Counseling  =   New Millennium Flower Essences
 Color Therapy  = Natural Supplement Therapies   =  Nutritional Therapies and Food Allergy Testing



For more information visit
Call 781-849-0300 or 781-690-9667 to schedule an appointment.
Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm.

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Energy Medicine Center is located in Hanover, Massachusetts at
183 Columbia Road, Suite 30
We welcome you to visit anytime.



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