Tong Ren Therapy

Tong Ren Therapy is an exciting and powerful form of energy healing, the product of Tom Tam's research spanning more than 25 years. It combines the science of Western medicine with the wisdon of ancient Eastern knowledge and insights. Eastern medicine has long held that each organ in the body is kept healthy by the natural flow of Chi energy from the brain, and that interruption of blockage of that necessary bioelectric signal leads to disease. Tong Ren Therapy removes the blockage thus allowing the Chi to flow freely for optimal health.

Tong Ren is not simply the sum of two sciences. Its healing power grown a quantum leap by harnessing another natural tendency we have all observed - harmony. We know the human brain has a Frequency Following Response, tending to change its dominant electroencephalogram patterns toward the frequency of external stimuli. Tong Ren Therapy utilizes this natural tendency toward synchronization to bring diseased organs back into harmony with the healthy bioelectrical pattern of the Tong Ren practitioner, but even more importantly, into entrainment with the larger and more powerful collective unconsciousness.