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Comments made by some of our clientele

I have been going to Dr. Joel Price since 2004.  Over this period of time he has helped me with a plethora of issues regarding my dietary practices and different food allergies I had developed over the years of bad habits. Initially, when I visited Joel my goal was try to reduce my body fat to very low levels. I had been stuck at 10.5% body fat for quite some time and was having trouble getting over “the hump” so to speak. 

During my first visit Dr. Price took me through an array of kinesiological tests in which he quickly identified many imbalances that were hindering my results. Needless to say, I was sporting 6.3% body fat for my follow-up visit just one month later!  Overall, if you are looking to feel or look better, Dr. Price will give you a very thorough and concise evaluation that will help change your life.  Be advised not to fall into the hands of unqualified practitioners whose main advice is, “eat more fruits and vegetables.” 

I visited Kerry O’Rourke in 2008 because one of my close friends (who remains one of the biggest skeptics I know) told me to enlist her services.  I feel that I am also quite the skeptic, but quickly my mind was changed.  Kerry told me things that ONLY I knew regarding certain goals I have in life.  She also told me things that I was feeling yet maybe a bit hesitant to reveal.  All in all, my visit was very unique, eye-opening and emotional. There is no question to me that she has a gift and can be an aid to many people who are looking for clarity in their lives!
- Jason B.

“Taking a lot of vitamins doesn’t necessarily you’re at your best. The secret is knowing which vitamins your body is lacking.  Since everyone is different- what works for your friend may not work for you- Joel can help you find what works for a happier, healthier you. 
If you’re looking for a healthier, more energetic life WITHOUT side effects- Contact Joel Price!”

“I had no  spark, low energy , went on many diets even joined a gym to try to get back into shape.  I was told by my doctor that I was in the ‘normal’ range.  My friend told me about how Joel Price had helped her, so after tying EVERYTHING to know avail.  I went to Joel Price, who discovered what my body was lacking certain nutrients, and now ‘my normal’ is fit, energetic, happy, and very thankful for Joel Price. 
-R.G. age 62 years - Client for 6 years

I have been a client of Joel Price for a number of years. I started out with his kinesiology testing. I had been having sinus infections on a regular basis, sometimes monthly, for 15 years. It has been several years since I have taken dairy out of my diet, as suggested, and I am happy to report that in all that time, I have had only two infections, both related to being ill with the common cold.

Last year I started having light therapy treatments. In October, during a bout with seasonal allergies, I received a treatment only realize the next day that all my symptoms were gone! I have remained allergy free so far.

Because of my positive experience with the light therapy, I decided to test it out on my two girls who both suffer from migraines. Both girls have had several treatments and remain headache free. What can I say other than it works!
Martha S.

Hi Joel !
Congratulations on your move.
Also wanted to give you an update on my Ostoperosis...........I don't have it anymore in my spine !!  I had a bone density test earlier this year, and it's now back to Osteopenia in my spine.  I still have Osteoperosis in my hips, but it may take longer for the positive results to show up there.............Is that true ?
Please respond when you have a chance, and feel free to share this testimonial of the incredible effectiveness of the treatment you offer !!



“I am 16 years old and have been seeing Joel Price for 5 years for nutritional counseling. Joel’s office is really, immediately I feel comfortable in this space.  My thoughts about our sessions:  Joel’s office is really nice, immediately I feel comfortable in this space.   My skin and digestion improved after I followed Joel’s advice regarding food and supplements. I enjoy talking to Joel about the effect of nutrition on my health. I learn a lot about the subject in a way that is not discussed in the mainstream.”  
- Renato P.  age 16  Client for 5 years

“In 2001, I first visited Joel. I came to him fatigued, constipated, and suffering from food sensitivities.  Through hair analysis, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition, I have overcome my food sensitivities, increased my energy, and improved the health of all my organs. I no longer suffer from constipation.  I am so pleased with all the improvements I have made.”         
- R.K.  age 46 - Client for 5 years

My name is Kathy,

I sought out a holistic doctor about 6 years ago, and thankfully found Joel.

I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid and out of the blue I went up a whole dress size, my hair was falling out, and I was very sick. I didn’t want to take the prescription drug my doctor gave me, she said I would be on it for the rest of my life. So, I found Joel and after meeting him I was ecstatic to know that I had an alternative.

Straight off he changed my diet and told me to take various supplements for different things. I was determined to feel good and I did everything I was told. Within the first month I felt that I was almost 100% better. I lost the weight I had gained and had energy that I thought I would never have. I even traveled for a week with my job and felt awesome! I knew I felt bad before and was dragging myself from work to home and kids.

Words can’t describe how thrilled I was. I never remembered feeling so good! I continued to see Joel for maintenance and found out in the process that I had candida, which can be a nuisance. Joel again adjusted my diet, I stuck to it and all my symptoms went away. He has also helped me with anxiety by using applied kinesiology and putting me on Bach Flower Essences and other homeopathics – that made a world of difference! Then Joel started getting into this new thing – Light and Sound Therapy – I was excited to try it. Interestingly, after being on thyroid supplements for a while, they just weren’t doing the trick for me anymore for whatever reason, but Joel tested me for the appropriate light and sound treatments and sure enough my thyroid was back on track again along with my energy levels. There’s so much to say about how I feel about Joel, he’s a God-send.

I met Kerry when Joel moved into his new office space and was very excited about what Kerry could do and at the same time a little apprehensive, not being sure about what she did. But I have been to her and have been very pleased with the results! They seem to be on a more spiritual level but help physically as well. She is very gifted, kind and loving and puts you at ease. She seems to know exactly what area of your body is out of balance or is having problems without anyone telling her what is going on. She just seems to know where to go and where the healing needs to take place. Helping to move blocked energy, she then gives you affirmations to speak to yourself which is part of the healing process. Her intuitive abilities are truly amazing.

Joel Price and Kerry O'Rourke have been a huge help in my pursuit of wellness.

Kathy S.

“My name is George Milton T., I am 63 and have been going to a variety of holistic practitioners for over 25 years. I have known Joel Price for many years. When I heard Joel was opening his own practice I jumped at the chance to go to his office. I felt there was new hope in helping me heal many of the medical issues I have been dealing with.

“My reasons for going to try Joel and Kerry’s therapeutic approach were many. I had restless leg syndrome, unclear thinking, and digestive problems. My biggest issue to date is low testosterone levels. All of these issues together add to disturbed sleep each night.

“Since going to Joel and Kerry’s office on September 25th, 2007, I love the way I feel when I complete a session, I am so relaxed and know my body is working on healing. My outlook for recovery is more positive since going to see both of them.  I feel the root causes of my problems are being addressed by using the light wave therapy.”
- G.M.T., age 64 - Client for 3 years 

“I have been receiving nutritional Counseling from Joel Price, Ph.D. for a number of years.  I am 55 years old.  Most recently, I have also been receiving light therapy.  Here are some of my thoughts about our sessions:

Joel is very kind and perceptive.  His insight and deep knowledge of important health issues make for a confident and healing caregiver.

2.    Since having been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, my primary care physician has formally recommended me to see Joel Price based on my comments that my condition has improved while under his care.  This recommendation allows for partial reimbursement of his fees.

3.    The nutritional counseling that I receive from Joel Price is crucial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Joel uses Applied Kinesiology/ Muscle Resistence testing to recommend food and supplements.  I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE when I follow his advise.

4.    With just one light therapy session, where I received Yellow to help with my third charka, my digestion was remarkably improved for a whole week.”
- Isabel F. age 55 - Client for 3 years       

This is a voluntary testimonial for the work of Dr. Joel Price, Energy Medicine Center,
located at 45 Washington Street, Norwell, MA

Joel was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was struggling with my weight and a severe reflux problem. I had been on Prilosec for several years and it really had not done much for me.

After Joel tested me for several things lacking in my system, he made me realize that rebalancing my body might be a better way to reverse my reflux and that the Prilosec was probably reducing my good acids along with the bad and may be perpetuating my problem. The bottom line is, after a few months, I was able to eat salads again (something I had not been able to do for ages) and orange juice, etc. without any serious reactions.

Then, through Light Wave Therapy, and Quantum Color Essences, we began to attack my life-long weight problem, depression and stress. My weight is going slowly but surely and stress management treatments have helped tremendously.

Most important to note is the very serious fact that the medical profession MUST address the fact that there are definite alternative therapies that work in a much safer manner than prescription drugs. Too many medical doctors as well as nurse practitioners, are too quick to whip out their prescription pads as the solution to everything.

I sincerely believe in the work of Dr. Joel Price and definitely recommend that people seek his guidance and help before undertaking too many prescription drugs. One of the most important aspects of his treatments is the fact that he talks to you and LISTENS to what you have to say.

- Pat T.

“A year-and-a-half ago I went through hell with my dog dying and several family members dying.  I sank into a deep depression and gained a lot of weight. I was realizing  that I was missing a lot of self-confidence, had no smile, craved sugar and had NO self-worth. 

I had no idea how to pull myself out but then I found Joel Price and Kerry O’Rourke.  I started the light and sound color sessions and received a lot of yellow.  Those sessions worked on deep emotional issues I had.  For the first time in my life I started sticking up for myself, I don’t crave sugar anymore and have a lot more self-confidence.  I’m losing a ton of weight and feel the smile on my face. 

I KNOW I AM SOMEONE. Yellow and Violet colors help with EVERYTHING including depression and anxiety. Go to Joel Price and Kerry O’Rourke- they can help in ways that no one else can- you won’t be disappointed.”

- Sandra V. age 26 -Client for 2 years



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